Chapter Life

Welcome to the YPR-Durango chapter, established in September 2017, our chapter has grown to have a decent size group of Recovery driven individuals. We are here as a resource and community for people of all ages, pathways of recovery and walk of life to be welcomed and celebrated. We are here to enhance your journey with multiple ways to get involved and get to know us. We can’t wait to meet you.
At YPR, we envision a world where all people have the resources they need to thrive in recovery from addiction to drugs and alcohol. All of YPR’s recovery support services are offered free to people in or seeking recovery and allies to the recovery community.
Events include:

All Recovery Meetings
An all recovery meeting is a meeting for any person in recovery, as well as their allies where they can attend and find support. This is a space where anyone, no matter what pathway can come and lean on one another for support, empowerment, and compassion.

Pro-Social Events
These events are hosted both in person and virtually and include activities such as full moon hikes, movie nights, game nights and our annual river rafting trip. New ideas for events are always welcome and encouraged from members!

Life Skills Training Workshops
Phoenix and My Future is EPIC 10 week recovery centered life skills curriculum.

Harm Reduction Education
Providing training on how to identify an overdose and how to administer Narcan, free access to Narcan, Fentanyl Testing Strips and supplies.

Community Engagement
Our team is regularly involved with local organizations to help facilitate those in or seeking recovery with the resources and connections available within our community.

Chapter Events

Chapter REsources

ResourceLink/Contact infoDescription
Animas Alano Club Space for 12-step Recovery Groups The Animas Alano Club in and of itself is not a 12-step program nor an addiction recovery center; but home to many different recovery-based programs and groups via rental agreements, thereby acting as landlord to those individual groups. The Club serves its purpose by providing an outwardly healthy environment, a venue that is conducive to recovery, a physical location where each group can hold its meetings that allows for fellowship activities before, after, and in between those meetings.
Advocated for Recovery Colorado Durango wide Recovery Community Organization providing authentic peer run peer lead recovery support services.
The Hive Dream of The Hive Staff: We intend to manifest the culmination of progress, alternative thinking, and free creative thought into a space where we can witness attendees overcome hurdles in their skating, recreational, music, and art journey. It is the most powerful thing to be alongside an individual when they break mental or physical barriers to achieve a goal. These physical barriers are mirrored reflections of mental barricades that we battle and struggle with every day to free ourselves from. Where we find peace is walking up to the edge and soaking up all the danger, fear, and doubt, and then turn it into an achievement worth personal pride and tools that can be used in future encounters with the unknown. Mentorship helps promote in ourselves what we didn’t think was possible on our own. That first drop in, the first time on stage, the first gallery showing, these are the things we want to see come out of the Hive, our shared first times creates a lasting impression on both student, mentor and the Community.