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Greetings from YPR- Denver, CO. YPR creates a foundation for those in recovery, seeking recovery, curious about recovery, those who are allies of recovery and any human who has been affected by addiction. We support all of humankind! YPR prides itself on offering Recovery Support Services which are free to ALL! We want to spread the word on how to break the stigma of addiction while coming together in many different ways for support. Find us on Facebook and Instagram.

Here are the wide variety of events and meetings as well as community partners that YPR – Denver, CO can provide. Come see us sometime!

All Recovery Meetings (ARMs)
A safe space for all to come together for support. We support the All Pathways Model, we aren’t here to replace anyone’s existing program but to complement it. See the YPR Calendar for exact dates and times as well as ARMs from around the country. Our ARM is unique and housed at Cross Purpose Denver during their Live Different Recovery Nights – check it out!

Pro-Social Events
These events are hosted both in-person and virtually and include activities such as milestone celebrations, film screenings, community outings, game nights, etc. New ideas for events are always encouraged from members!
For a breakdown of what our Milestone/Breakthrough Celebration looks like, check out this link:

Narcan & Other Harm Reduction Supplies
Contact us directly to get you a supply of Narcan and provide you and the people around you an appropriate training approved by the Harm Reduction Center. Call the Denver Chapter at 720.900.5888.

Life Skills, Workshops & Advocacy Education
We love facilitating workshops dedicated to educate, empower, and make our voices LARGE AND PROUD! We have a ten lesson curriculum centered around life skills that can be utilized in the recovery world and beyond it as well. Contact the Denver Chapter for more information at

Chapter Events

Chapter REsources

Sober AF Entertainment (S.AF.E.)
Contact: Duke, 303.888.9019,
Mission: To create a fun sober space, crush stigma, and advocate for mentoring and community. Vision: Sober AF Entertainment envisions a world where everyone can find or host a sober support community event at fun places.

Live Different Recovery @ Cross Purpose
Contact: Jazmyn, 720.724.9544,
Experience Freedom with LiveDifferent Recovery. Space is intentionally created for individuals seeking healing, community, and support to set themselves free! We face the darkness, hardships, grief, trauma, and heartache together in community.

FREE Spiritual Community
Contact: Ryan, 303.944.5061,
FREE Spiritual Community is a community for Addicts, Loved Ones of Addicts, and Spiritual Refugees. Our mission is to break the silence of addiction while creating space for healing, recovery, and spiritual connection.

Kenekt – Peer Recovery Coaching
Contact: Teri, 303.995.7585,
Kenekt strives to provide support to adult men and women who wish to recover from substance use disorder by offering individual counseling, life skills groups, and peer coaching. Early recovery is exciting and full of endless possibilities.

Transitions Sober Living
Contact: Scott, 303.501.6500,
Our program focuses on sobriety, work, and personal accountability and offers residents the opportunity to establish healthy, sober relationships within a safe, structured, and supportive environment. We uphold the highest standard of respect for people within our community.

Aurora Sober Living
Contact: Karis or Sheri, 303.579.1477,
Aurora Sober Living provides an effortless transition to solid, confidential, and sober living environments for those who have completed treatment and/or detox, promoting the desire to live addiction-free and become assets to the community and society.

Route2Recovery Sober Living
Contact: Robert, 720.422.0492,
Route2Recovery provides recovery services including Sober Living and Recovery Coaching, encompassing an all pathway approach. We meet clients where they are at, identify their needs, and provide resources and guidance as they find their way.

Zen Mountain Sober Living
Contact: Erin, 720.515.3299,
At Zen Mountain, we provide safe, supportive, and nurturing environments for women to thrive while transitioning to sober living and creating their futures. Unsurpassed in quality and excellence, we are proud to be your first choice for supportive sober living for women in Colorado.

PAWsitive Recovery
Contact: Serena, 909.273.8937,
PAWsitive Recovery gives people in recovery and animals in shelters a new “leash” on life, helping them heal from the wounds of addiction, trauma, and abuse. We offer temporary pet foster care for individuals seeking treatment or recovering from domestic violence and so much more!